By Colleen Jurkiewicz Reporter Published Jul 19, 2013 at 9:01 AM

We Milwaukee millennials have plenty of time to love things, because most of us can't get jobs.

1. "Bridesmaids"

And when we get pulled over, we're sad the cop doesn't have an Irish accent.


2. Cupcakes

It's so little. And it's locally made. That means it's good for me, right?


3. Brady Street

See also: scarves and fedoras. 


4. Instagramming photos of our morning lakeside run

#nofilter (Also, a sly way of letting all your social media followers know that you work out.)


5. 88.9

Also, we all claim to never listen to KISS FM anymore...but we do. Every morning. Wes, Rahney and Alley, man.


6. The Pabst Theater's Ten Buck Shows



7. "Man From Milwaukee" by Hanson

OMG! Hanson knows where I live!


8. Chicago

But then we're happy to come back to a downtown we can actually drive around in.


9. Yoga

Because there's that awesome part at the end where we just get to lie there with the lights off.



Look at those happy people. They probably have dental insurance.


11. Mike Gousha

No one will ever read the news like you, Mike. Please come back.


12. Skateland

We pretend to go there for an ironic nostalgia-fest, but really, we just want to skate around to "Bye Bye Bye."


13. Dirty Girl Mud Run

 All my ladies say heyyyyy.


14. Signing gubernatorial recall petitions

Also, that Wisconsin-as-fist picture. We love that. 


15. Camping drunk

Because doing it any other way doesn't make a whole lot of sense.


16. Target Free First Thursdays

Free air conditioning!


17. MAM After Dark

Like a club, with culture. A culture club. (Yes, we know what Culture Club is.)


18. Old Economy Steve meme



19. The Lakefront Brewery Tour 

Because we get to drink during the day, but we feel like we earned it.

Colleen Jurkiewicz Reporter

Colleen Jurkiewicz is a Milwaukee native with a degree in English from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and she loves having a job where she learns something new about the Cream City every day. Her previous incarnations have included stints as a waitress, a barista, a writing tutor, a medical transcriptionist, a freelance journalist, and now this lovely gig at the best online magazine in Milwaukee.