By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Apr 14, 2023 at 9:01 AM

Today marks 414 Day – otherwise known as an excellent excuse to talk about our true first love: Milwaukee. (Honestly, just about anything or everything is a great excuse to brag about Brew City.) To celebrate our city, we came up with 414 reasons why we love it here. It was even easier than we thought. In no particular order:

  1. The recombobulation area at the airport

  2. The chaser – because of course we serve a bonus beer with our alcohol

  3. The awesome DJ Shawna

  4. Urban spelunking through all the history, obvious and hiding in plain sight, across the city

  5. We love to rescue dogs and treat them like family

  6. Cranky Al’s donuts – just ask Alton Brown!

  7. The lack of pretense

  8. Driving thru Miller Valley

  9. Kopps burgers, grilled cheese and, of course, custard

  10. Milwaukee Public Market’s variety

  11. Bob Uecker, the voice of baseball in Brew City

  12. The City Hall bell

  13. Everything about and at Sherman Phoenix

  14. Human pinsetters at Koz’s Mini Bowl

  15. Urban Beets’ smoothies

  16. Works burrito from Beans and Barley

  17. Stone Creek’s scones

  18. The 2021 NBA champion Milwaukee Bucks

  19. Real Chili’s lunch counter

  20. Breakfast at Blue’s Egg (no matter the wait time)

  21. Fiserv Forum, which feels shiny and new yet now like home – especially when it's filled with cheering fans

  22. Midnight Madness at Marquette

  23. Purple Door’s whiskey ice cream

  24. Kids’ (and adults’) photos on the Milwaukee County Zoo train

  25. How easy it is to get to Chicago (if you need to get away, for some reason)

  26. Conejito’s chicken mole

  27. Our cool, easy-to-dial area code

  28. Rueben rolls at O’Lydia’s

  29. September’s weather – "Milwaukee’s new summer month"

  30. The Streets of Old Milwaukee’s candy shop

  31. Katie Rose from Goodkind

  32. Victory Gardens Initiative commitment to urban gardening

  33. Learning to ride a Harley Davidson – or riding on the back of one

  34. Hooligan’s patio for lunch on a warm day

  35. The lake’s colors – and they are different every day

  36. Fr. Tim Kitzke of Three Holy Women parish

  37. Autographed photos of Packers at The Bungalow

  38. The affordability of The Milwaukee Community Sailing Center

  39. Nachos from El Senorial

  40. Miller Lite in the shower

  41. These coffee shops 

  42. The sound of ringing bells on paleta carts

  43. The innovative elevators in the CityCenter

  44. Rx Drugs (local band)

  45. Steny’s Bloody Mary

  46. The "flame" a top the Wisconsin Gas Building

  47. Old Blatz signs outside of bars like Uptowner 

  48. Milwaukee themed loca-mojis and gifs

  49. The swanky decor at Five O’clock Steakhouse

  50. "I Closed Wolski’s" bumper stickers

  51. The Waxwing

  52. The Boat House

  53. Bras hanging from the ceiling at Holler House

  54. Brussel sprouts at Swinging Door

  55. Walking around at Seven Bridges

  56. Peanut carriers at AJ Bombers

  57. Sculpture Milwaukee

  58. Magnificent European Copper Beech tree in South Shore Park

  59. MATC Promise Program

  60. The Riverwest house with cars planted in the front yard

  61. Soup on a bitterly cold Brew City day

  62. Judge Derek Mosley

  63. View from Blu in The Pfister Hotel

  64. Usinger’s fresh liver sausage

  65. Boulevards on Newberry Boulevard

  66. Janitor statue at Milwaukee Art Museum

  67. Friday 80s Night at Mad Planet

  68. Paul "PK" Kennedy

  69. Black Sheep’s wine dispensers

  70. Safe House password

  71. The still-feels-new East Side Library

  72. Walker’s Point mural on South Second Street

  73. Press waffles

  74. Quaker Meeting House

  75. The Summerfest splash pad. Actually, everything about the Big Gig

  76. Vintage finds at BC Modern

  77. Fuel Cafe on Fifth Street

  78. The Wisconsin Humane Society

  79. That we're the hometown of Oscar winner John Ridley and cinematic icon Gene Wilder

  80. It's Small-waukee: Everyone knows everyone here

  81. Lake Park lighthouse

  82. Day drinking wine at the Public Market

  83. Walker’s Point Center for the Arts

  84. Vintage "I’m Hooked on Oriental Drugs" T-shirts

  85. Our uber Midwest accent

  86. Mark Waldoch’s voice

  87. Walking around the pond at Kosciuszko Park

  88. Elsa’s burgers

  89. Milwaukee Tool’s logo

  90. Wednesday night bingo at Hamburger Mary’s

  91. Fishing in Lincoln Park

  92. Bar dice

  93. Fresh peppercorns from Penzey’s Spices

  94. El Rey’s lemon chips

  95. The timelessness of the Violent Femmes’ first album

  96. Roverwest in Riverwest

  97. This video of Craig Counsell

  98. Memories of The Purple House

  99. The yellow giraffe sculpture on Lincoln Memorial Drive

  100. Outpost Natural Foods

  101. Paddleboats on the lagoon at Veteran’s Park

  102. Koss headphones

  103. Soul Boxer's bourbon old fashioned

  104. Fischberger’s

  105. Locust Street Festival Beer Run

  106. Quality Optical

  107. The brand new 3rd Street Market Hall

  108. Sitting on the rocks during lakefront festivals

  109. Phoritos from Bamboo

  110. The Milverine

  111. Rollerskating at Rollero

  112. Third Ward Gallery Night and Day

  113. The piano man in the Pfister Lobby Lounge

  114. Taco Moto's corn cup

  115. Children’s Outing Association’s Family Center

  116. Spoken word performances by Kavon Cortez Jones

  117. Brainbusters at Bryant’s

  118. Our abundance of hoppy and historic brewery tours

  119. Jukebox at Mamie’s

  120. The legendary, late Dick Bacon

  121. The Villa Terrace

  122. Lucky Bob’s Raceway

  123. The throwback movie selections at The Times Cinema

  124. Even when the weather's cold, we look beautiful

  125. These 34 things about Giannis – though we could keep going well beyond 34

  126. Three Bridges Park

  127. A good clean shave from groom or Stag

  128. The bar at Harbor House

  129. The good folks and great music at Radio Milwaukee

  130. The Domes – especially the "behind the scenes" story

  131. Colectivo’s Blue Heeler blend

  132. Moda3

  133. "Rock ‘N Roll Pizza Party" by Tigernite

  134. Swinging in Milwaukee parks

  135. Our love of fish fry

  136. MPS’ Montessori schools

  137. MPM’s European Village

  138. Tiny succulents from Mod Gen

  139. Frederick Olmsted’s Lake Park art

  140. Speed Queen’s pork shoulder

  141. Butter pecan custard at Leon’s

  142. Lynden Sculpture Garden

  143. The knives in the gift boxes at Usinger’s

  144. Our love of patios, whether at a bar, restaurant or even just at home

  145. Hartung Park’s pond

  146. Paul Cebar’s music

  147. Our many delicious pizza options

  148. The Pabst Mansion’s skylight

  149. The new Northwestern Mutual Commons tower

  150. The sneaky snake button at MPM

  151. The Miller Brewery Tour

  152. The Northpoint Water Tower

  153. Dusty road sundae at Gilles’

  154. Renaissance Books at the airport

  155. Rocket Baby brioche bread

  156. The shimmering star-filled ceiling in the main house of the Avalon Theater

  157. The Menomonee River Parkway trail

  158. The renovated Marcus DeBack Playground

  159. The beautiful Old Soldiers Home buildings

  160. Nite Owl burgers

  161. Festa Italiana’s food (duh)

  162. YMCA’s Camp Minikani

  163. Frank Zeidler was our mayor

  164. Milwaukee Public Library’s online librarian chat service

  165. The view of the lake and Discovery World from Gallery K216 at Milwaukee Art Museum

  166. Maple bourbon wings at McGinn’s on Bluemound

  167. MKE Brewing Co.’s Hop Happy IPA

  168. Miller Bakery pretzel buns

  169. The mosaics in the Wells Building entry

  170. Hoyt Park Landing Beer Garden

  171. WMSE Radio Free Milwaukee

  172. Taking a sail on the The Denis Sullivan

  173. Uncle Wolfie's

  174. Boerner Botanical Gardens

  175. Milwaukee County Historical Society

  176. The Wauwatosa roll at Ginza Japanese

  177. Henry Koch architecture (City Hall, Pfister Hotel, Turner Hall, etc.)

  178. Tutu cookies at Sciortino’s Bakery

  179. The Oriental Theatre – and particularly the elephants

  180. Acme Records

  181. This bucket list of 52 Milwaukee restaurants

  182. Boswell Book Company and the great books they have to offer

  183. The Big O burger at Oscar’s Pub and Grill

  184. The delicious wings at Neighborhood Draft

  185. Karl Kalich’s WPA sculptures at Parklawn

  186. Milwaukee County Zoo’s Aquatic and Reptile Center

  187. Walker’s Point Center for the Arts

  188. Not one, but TWO lion houses

  189. St. Joan of Arc Chapel at Marquette

  190. Biking the Hank Aaron State Trail

  191. The Bay View High School auditorium murals

  192. Mr. Dye’s Pies

  193. Frank Lloyd Wright system built homes on Burnham Street

  194. All of the cocktail finds at Bittercube Bar & Bazaar

  195. Wednesday wings at Club Garibaldi

  196. O&H Kringle

  197. Old fashioneds at The Packing House

  198. Fein Brothers

  199. Bublr Bikes

  200. Housemade cones at Oscar’s Frozen Custard

  201. Milwaukee's best bar burgers

  202. The cats at Downtown Books

  203. Jeremy Novy’s koi fish

  204. County Clare’s mashed potatoes

  205. When the real moon is over the Polish moon

  206. Cream City brick

  207. Burt's Liquors

  208. Watching future Nashville Predators stars at Milwaukee Admirals games

  209. Rush-Mor Records vinyl selection

  210. The old Bernie’s slide at Lakefront Brewery

  211. Mama Tried motorcycle festival

  212. OnMilwaukee April Fools edition

  213. Weekday day games at American Family Field

  214. Secret Stadium Sauce

  215. The Ball and Glove logo aka the new logo

  216. All of our neighborhood ice rinks, making the best of our brutal winters

  217. Milwaukee's many marvelous "Hidden Gems"

  218. Classic Slice

  219. The Usinger’s Elves

  220. Milwaukee Pretzel Company pretzels

  221. Rishi craft brew tea

  222. The London Cleaners

  223. At Random

  224. Espresso shakes at Purple Door Ice Cream

  225. Deer District and all the excitement on that side of town

  226. The gorgeous new home of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

  227. Brandy – and our legendary love of it

  228. Summer days lounging "on the beach" at Twisted Fisherman

  229. Memories of Oriental Drugs

  230. Cold brew from Pilcrow Coffee

  231. The witch’s house

  232. Fresh, squeaky, warm cheese curds from Clock Shadow Creamery

  233. Kettle Range Meats’ tomahawk steak

  234. Neon fish on the river

  235. Tasty sausages with wacky wrestling names at The Vanguard

  236. The whimsical patio at Odd Duck

  237. Iron Ho Ho

  238. Cool finds at American Science & Surplus

  239. Bowling at Holler House

  240. The Ladybug Building

  241. Kingdom of Talossa

  242. Twisted Path dark rum

  243. Chef Adam Pawlak – not only his tasty restaurants in town but how he represented Milwaukee so well on "Hell's Kitchen"

  244. The Milwaukee Film Festival (this year's edition, less than a week away!)

  245. Sunday Funday’s at The Garage

  246. The cute little patio at Pourman’s

  247. Blueberry pancakes from Riverwest Co-op

  248. Honey bee latte from Anodyne Coffee

  249. TVs on Leff’s Lucky Town patio

  250. Cheese whips on a bloody Mary 

  251. Calderone Club pizza and staff

  252. Milwaukee's other awesome historic East Side movie theater: The Downer

  253. The cozy warm weather escape that is Foundation Tiki Bar in Riverwest

  254. The rooftop lounge at The Rave

  255. The salted caramel pot de creme at Balzac

  256. 414 hat from Too Much Rock For One Hand

  257. Carrot cake from Buckley’s

  258. A panini from Nessun Dorma

  259. Barnacle Bud’s patio

  260. The rooftop fires at The Outsider

  261. A hookah at Casablanca

  262. Forest Home Cemetery

  263. The popcorn at Wolski’s

  264. These amazing entrepreneurs of color

  265. The Estate’s vibe

  266. Corned beef hash at Benji’s

  267. St. Paul’s Fish Company’s lobster roll

  268. Indulgence Chocolatiers dark chocolate sea salt

  269. Great Lakes Distillery’s front patio

  270. Ringing out ahoya with an M-U rah rah at Golden Eagles games

  271. 414 Day

  272. Tour of America’s Dairyland

  273. St. Joan of Arc Chapel

  274. Old St. Mary’s Parish

  275. Milwaukee OGs

  276. Glorioso’s Italian Market

  277. The Wisconsin Club

  278. The Milwaukee Riverwalk

  279. Doors Open Milwaukee

  280. The NEWaukee Night Market

  281. Driving, walking or biking Canal Street to American Family Field

  282. Lost Valley Cider Co.

  283. The patio at The Plaza Hotel

  284. Cubanitas’ plantain chips

  285. Xankia

  286. Brews and views at City Lights Brewing Co.

  287. That pretty much any bar can be a Packers bar

  288. MKEBKE’s summer underwear bike rides

  289. The People’s Flag

  290. Paintings by Reginald Baylor

  291. Gallery night at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

  292. Cyclocross season

  293. Perusing Black Cat Alley

  294. The exploring the ever expanding Oak Leaf Trail

  295. We have a statue of The Crusher

  296. Red Light Ramen

  297. Getting enveloped in nature in the middle of the city on the Milwaukee River trails

  298. The helpful ‘tudes at Bliffert’s Hardware

  299. Milwaukee's first food hall: Crossroads Collective!

  300. The dogs at Art Bar

  301. Roller girls

  302. Winter trips to the Mitchell Park Domes

  303. The beer garden at Third Space Brewing

  304. The view from the North Ave. Reservoir

  305. Riverwest 24

  306. The lions at Lake Park

  307. Bradford Beach

  308. The Milwaukee Winter Farmers Market

  309. Milwaukee Community Sailing Center

  310. The North Ave. Water Tower

  311. Driving north on the Hoan, particularly if speeding a lot

  312. Driving east up Water Tower Rd, particularly if speeding a little

  313. Fein Brothers

  314. Shah Jee’s

  315. Maxing out the heat scale at ee-sane

  316. Telling people City Hall was the tallest habitable building in the U.S. when it opened

  317. The view of the river/city from the North Avenue and Locust Street bridges

  318. Floating at Float Milwaukee

  319. The famous racing sausages

  320. Lake Park Bistro

  321. Eating basically anywhere in Silver City

  322. The hot deli at El Rey

  323. Tailgating at Miller Park American Family Field

  324. How gorgeous the Milwaukee Art Museum is – and that's before you even go inside

  325. Winter trips to the Milwaukee County Zoo

  326. Our world-class ballet 

  327. Plants that don’t belong, but survive because of said climate near the lake (e.g. the weeping beech near the North Ave. water tower has no business thriving here)

  328. Fests every weekend in the summer

  329. Juneteeth Day

  330. The view of Fiserv Forum from Glass + Griddle's rooftop patio

  331. Milwaukee Running Festival

  332. Milk House at the state fair

  333. Beer. Gardens. 

  334. Hawaiian at Pizza Man

  335. The Great Milwaukee Summer

  336. Milwaukeeanisms.

  337. Banana pudding dessert at Mr. Perkins

  338. The wings at Points East Pub

  339. Bartolotta Downtown Kitchen in US Bank Building

  340. Chicken noodle soup at George Webb’s

  341. Miss Katie’s Diner

  342. So much frozen custard – yet somehow never enough either!

  343. Cafe Lulu’s Calabrese salad

  344. How much Milwaukee's dining scene has grown in the past decade

  345. The view when driving East on Wisconsin Avenue and The Calling is in front of the open wings of "the Calatrava"

  346. Happy hour at The Knick

  347. An Old Fashioned at Jamo’s on a cold, winter night

  348. The burgers from Merriment Social

  349. The Dogg Haus hotdogs

  350. The small kids park in the Historic Third Ward

  351. Bavette La Boucherie’s meat counter 

  352. The Milwaukee Toast!

  353. Snacking on a Saz’s sampler at Summerfest

  354. A Summer Shandy while the grill is heating up

  355. The drive-thru option at the Downtown Public Library

  356. The relish plate at Jackson’s Grill (which is hopefully coming back this year)

  357. Our constantly growing and changing craft brewing scene

  358. Atari at Koppa’s

  359. Watching the planes take off from Mitchell on Layton Ave.

  360. BBC Lighting

  361. Free popcorn at Y-Not II

  362. "The Be A Maker Space" at Betty Brinn Museum

  363. The typewriter collection in the basement of the Milwaukee Public Museum

  364. Memories of the Grand Avenue Mall circa 1984

  365. The iconic John McGivern

  366. Kayaking the Milwaukee River

  367. Expo Hall at Wisconsin State Park

  368. A table outside at Cafe Hollander on Downer

  369. A glass of rose at the back bar at Groppi’s

  370. Tomken’s fried chicken

  371. Riverkeeper

  372. Chocolate cheese at Wisconsin Cheese Mart

  373. MAM After Dark

  374. The sounds and smells of Mitchell Street on a warm day

  375. Bullseye Records

  376. Food truck Fridays at Red Arrow Park

  377. South Shore Terrace Beer Garden

  378. Hot ham and rolls on Sundays from Grebe’s

  379. Pizza from Zaffiro’s

  380. Glo-Bowl at Bay View Bowl

  381. Music lessons from the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music

  382. Indian groceries from Best Foods

  383. Thrift shopping at Marlene’s

  384. Everything and anything with Milwaukee Makers Market

  385. Shank Hall shows

  386. Cathedral Square lights at Christmas time

  387. An Americano from Valentine Coffee

  388. Four Seasons Skate Park

  389. Solomon Juneau’s "cabin" in Juneau Park

  390. Picnic at Lakeshore State Park

  391. Bocce at Lake Park

  392. The opulent Pabst Theater

  393. The sparkly public art at Discovery World

  394. Miller Caves

  395. How awesome you all looked in Deer District during the Bucks' run through the 2021 playoffs

  396. Milwaukee historian extraordinaire John Gurda

  397. Glamping

  398. Dead Man’s Carnival at Miramar

  399. The "Milwaukee: It’s Tits" poster

  400. Mittenfest

  401. St. Patrick’s Parade

  402. True Skool Inc.

  403. Brewhaus Polka Kings accordion band at Lakefront Brewery fish fry

  404. The view of Downtown skyline when driving north over The Hoan Bridge

  405. Hands of Henna by Anita

  406. Antiques on Pierce – all three floors!

  407. Day of the Dead parade in Walker’s Square

  408. Knight’s Bar at Mader’s

  409. The memories and feelings that Lake Michigan inspires

  410. Fried cheese curds from Who’s On Third

  411. The blue soda at Maria’s Pizza

  412. Milwaukee Air & Water Show

  413. Watching soccer bright and early at The Highbury

  414. The wonderful users and readers of OnMilwaukee