By Steve Kabelowsky Contributing Columnist Published Jan 15, 2013 at 1:14 PM

The mix has worked before.

Syfy’s "Continuum," which premiered on Monday night in the U.S., isn’t the first show to merge sci-fi with a police action-drama.

"Alien Nation" is probably the first that comes to mind as the purest mix of the two worlds to share a singular story-line that viewers could follow along with on a weekly basis. However, "X Files" and "Ghost In The Shell" and "Knight Rider" all had main characters who used some futuristic technology to solve a mystery.

For "Continuum," it is about a police officer who travels back in time with eight fugitives from 2077, and finds herself in 2012 Vancouver. Originally created for Canadian channel Showcase, the first season of 10 episodes already aired to audiences up north and in the UK before getting picked up here.

The show has a pretty vocal and mobilized fan-base and the show has been contracted for a second season. That’s good news for the show and presents a pretty good argument to get sucked into a new show, unlike something from one of the top networks that could disappear if ratings are not large enough in the first three weeks of airings.

Actress Rachel Nichols stars as Kiera Cameron, a protector, a title given to law enforcement officers in the future Vancouver Police Department. In the past, she pretends to be a gang task force member from the Portland Police Department sent up north to help track down a gang set on starting a war.

Although this show hasn’t covered any new ground in terms of something new on TV, it’s fresh approach and guarantee of a second season makes it worth sacrificing the time and investing in a new show to follow.

End the suspense now and watch the shows on the Showcase website here or catch the airings at 7 p.m. Monday nights on Syfy.

DOPE: According to sources, Lance Armstrong confessed to Oprah Winfrey on Monday his using illegal performance enhancing substances to win the Tour de France.

The famed cyclist has had his multiple titles stripped upon investigation into his training practices and depositions from former teammates.

The more than two and a half hours of interview footage will be edited and is set to air on OWN on Thursday. Oprah will be out and about promoting her special all this week.

GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY: There have been plenty of headlines to have come out of Sunday night’s Golden Globe’s broadcast, ranging from Jodie Foster’s coming out to the great co-hosting jobs that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did in the broadcast. For the later, it probably didn’t hurt that the award show aired on NBC and the network was proud to have two of its shinny stars out in front.

What may have been missed was who was on stage handing out the golden statues to the people who were handing out the golden statues. Francesca Eastwood, daughter of actor and director Clint Eastwood, was the one on the stage moving the hardware. Gotta wonder if she at any point thought, "Feel lucky, punk," as she handed over the globes.

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