By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jan 17, 2022 at 9:51 AM

These can be stressful, overwhelming times, and we want to help – so to start your day with a smile, we're going to post five funny viral videos and memes every morning. Because there's no better time for a good laugh than during bad times, and we believe in starting the day on the right foot even when things feel like they're all going wrong.

Enjoy – then be safe, be smart and be healthy. We're in this together.

1. Poolhall hustler

Their scheme was perfect ... except that whole thing about "being remotely good at pool."

2. There's nothing a dog can't do!

"Dogs are trainable?" Tell that to every delivery person in a mile radius who has to put up with my dog barking and howling at all of them every day. 

3. This conversation could've been an email

This poor cat's looking at the camera like, "I was having such a good dream too."

4. The daily dog

Today's pupper didn't quite time his jump right here. Luckily, he's not lacking for padding.

5. Spoiler alert for the new "Scream" movie

Should've figured it out when the killer was revealed to be two feet tall max. 

Bonus breather

To help you cope with the rest of your day of social distancing and processing the news, here's a little bonus breathing exercise to calm the nerves and provide a little digital therapy.

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