By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published May 25, 2021 at 12:26 PM

While many of Milwaukee's summer traditions are returning this year, a particularly explosive one will have to wait until 2022: The July 3rd Lakefront fireworks show has been canceled, with hopes to return next year to Veterans Park.

Last year's show was canceled as well; however, while 2020's fireworks were axed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's edition, according to Milwaukee County Parks, has been extinguished due to struggles with resources and staffing.

“Our team at Milwaukee County Parks is working tirelessly to ensure that people can safely enjoy parks, trails and amenities as much as possible this summer, but we are still stretched thin,” said Guy Smith, Milwaukee County Parks Executive Director, in a release. "Cancelling this event was a difficult decision that we’ve been discussing for months with everyone involved, and we also looked at the possibility of postponing the event until the fall, but it comes down to simply lacking the resources and staffing needed to prepare and clean-up from such a large-scale event."

The release on the cancellation also notes that, "Despite the lessening of COVID-19 restrictions, the department continues to struggle to recruit and hire seasonal staff, which is preventing a return to pre-pandemic Parks service levels.

"Parks is not alone in its struggle to bring on seasonal workers. The impact is not felt until tough decisions, like cancelling the July 3rd fireworks, must be made."

For those interested in seasonal positions with Milwaukee County Parks, click here. And for more info on which summer festivals and traditions are still happening in 2021, and which ones are shifting their attention to 2022, check out our festivals guide.

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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