By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Oct 09, 2020 at 5:01 PM

Tired of hearing about the election and people nagging you about voting? We get it – so how about voting advice and education delivered with light-hearted quippiness by beloved Wisconsin comedian and "Manitowoc Minute" star Charlie Berens? And how about if that voting advice and education came sandwiched in between tasty fall cocktail recipes?! AND WHAT IF THERE'S ALSO A PUPPY!?

Indeed, Wisconsin, enjoy the best voting informercial you'll see this seemingly endless and terrifying election season, featuring Berens comically guiding the audience through making an Irish cofffee, hot buttered rum and a hot totty (using the multi-purpose measurement unit of buck knife) while his Texan puppy Buck talks the audience through where to get voting information in between meandering adorably down hallways and playing with treat-filled toys. A dog gets fed. A thirsty Wisconsinite gets to drink. Democracy gets to flow. You get to watch and learn from it all. Everyone wins!

And, in case you need some sort of visual representation on how to drop off your ballot at your nearest dropbox, here's Berens dropping off his using the international language of viral Cranberry juice/Fleetwood Mac skateboarding videos. 

See? Voting and democracy can be fun – even intoxicatingly so! (That might be the hot buttered rum talking.) Anyways, for more of Berens and his hilarious "Manitowoc Minute," check out his YouTube channel – and for more voting advice and info, check out My Vote Wisconsin. Because think of how delicious that next hot totty will taste when you garnish it with some democracy.

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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