By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Dec 01, 2022 at 8:01 AM

There's music all over Milwaukee – with even more to come thanks to all the new potential venues coming in the near future. It's music to our ears – but it can be murder to one's mind to try and keep track of who's playing when where, only to find out that you just missed your new favorite band two nights ago.

To make sure live show FOMO doesn't happen to you, here's a guide to concerts coming to Milwaukee this month – from the city's biggest venues to its smaller gems, from huge stadium acts to intimate sets, from famous faces to unknowns on the way there, from ear-rattling rock shows to mind-massaging classical performances. This month saved the best of 2022 for last – including hitmakers, holiday traditions new and old, Harry Connick Jr., sonic help to make this Packers season less hellish, huge basketball icons spinning records and much more. 

Sound good? Well, that's just the opening act: Here's the full setlist of concerts coming to Brew City stages in December. (For more on specific show times, tickets and additional info, visit the venues' respective websites linked in each listing.)

Thursday, Dec. 1

Friday, Dec. 2

Saturday, Dec. 3

Sunday, Dec. 4

Monday, Dec. 5

Tuesday, Dec. 6

Wednesday, Dec. 7

Thursday, Dec. 8

Friday, Dec. 9

Saturday, Dec. 10

Sunday, Dec. 11

Monday, Dec. 12

Tuesday, Dec. 13

Wednesday, Dec. 14

Thursday, Dec. 15

Friday, Dec. 16

Saturday, Dec. 17

Sunday, Dec. 18

Monday, Dec. 19

Tuesday, Dec. 20

Wednesday, Dec. 21

Thursday, Dec. 22

Friday, Dec. 23

Saturday, Dec. 24

Tuesday, Dec. 27

Wednesday, Dec. 28

Thursday, Dec. 29

Friday, Dec. 30

Saturday, Dec. 31

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