By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published May 05, 2022 at 8:01 AM

Somehow, we've already reached the final day of the 2022 Milwaukee Film Festival – so if you haven't watched any of the fest's excellent film selections yet, step to it!

And to help you end your fest as best as possible, here are my final three picks for this final day of the 2022 Milwaukee Film Festival – featuring film lovers, folk songs and two best friends. (Oh, and if none of these three pop your cinematic cork, then watch "Beyond the Infinite 2 Minutes" virtually on the Milwaukee Film app – it's the best thing I've seen all year.)

Day 15 picks

"Petite Maman"

One of the 2022 Milwaukee Film Festival's biggest screenings – its closing night selection – also happens to be one of its smallest: the 72-minute "Petite Maman." But while it may be small on running time and focus on two small kids, Celine Sciamma's follow-up to the criticaly lauded "Portrait of a Lady on Fire" is big on emotional impact as it follows its two adolescent leads become friends and make their own world in a nearby forest while coping with recent loss. It's a profoundly sweet and tender send-off to the best two weeks of the movie-going year. 

"Petite Maman" screens Thursday, May 5 at 8 p.m. at the Oriental Theatre.

"The Job of Songs"

The Milwaukee Film Festival ain't over until the fat lady sings – or, in this case, the Irish folk music sings in the lovely rock doc "The Job of Songs." Landing in the scenic shores of Doolin, County Clare in Ireland, Lila Schmitz's documentary explores the small town's big love for traditional folk music, fiddling and singing out of the village's pubs and homes and telling their story. A great way to end your film festival run with a happy hum. 

"The Job of Songs" screens Thursday, May 5 at 5:30 p.m. at the Oriental Theatre. It is also available to screen virtually.


For those who enjoyed the doc "Vinyl Nation," why not bookend the 2022 Milwaukee Film Festival with its spiritual – and even better – sequel, "Grain." There's something oddly satisfying and soothing about this art documentary, watching artists and photographers wax poetic about why they still, even in this digital age, love using film, the darkroom and the unique images the medium and process create. Plus: What better way to wrap up the Milwaukee Film Festival than with a tribute to film?

"Grain" is available to screen virtually.

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Stay tuned to OnMilwaukee for more daily movie picks, videos, reviews, nearby intermission eats and more throughout the festival. And with that, let's "lights, camera, action!" the 2022 Milwaukee Film Festival!

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