By Ana Martinez-Ortiz Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service Published Sep 21, 2021 at 3:16 PM

When it comes to finances, it can be hard to know where to start. Being financially savvy takes work, but it’s not impossible.

Through group sessions and one-on-one coaching, individuals can learn how to budget, manage their credit score, create healthy spending habits, manage their finances and more.

Below is a list of organizations and programs that help people become financially literate.

1. Social Development Commission

The Social Development Commission offers financial programs to low-income residents. The organization has a financial literacy coach program where individuals can learn how to create a budget, reduce debt, plan for retirement and more.

2. Walnut Way

Walnut Way has the “Community Wealth Building Campaign.” The program focuses on cultivating people’s skills instead of focusing on their deficits. Individuals learn how to use their skills to tackle their issues while helping to strengthen the neighborhood’s economy. Free monthly workshops are offered online. For more information, contact Chandra Ellis at

3. YWCA Southeast Wisconsin

YWCA Southeast Wisconsin has a personal financial management class where individuals learn about budgeting, credit building, saving techniques and more. The organization offers individual coaching sessions for free. To sign up, click here. (Read: 8 things you should know about credit.)

4. Journey House

Journey House has a financial opportunity center, which offers career and personal financial services support to individuals with low to moderate incomes. The financial coaching and education aspects of the program help individuals develop money management skills, understand credit and create smart spending habits.

5. Milwaukee Financial Navigator Program

The City of Milwaukee is offering the financial navigator program in partnership with Riverworks Development Corporation. During the individualized sessions, financial coaches will help people identify their top financial concerns and how to address them. (Read: NNS Spotlight: Riverworks clinic teaches clients financial literacy.)

6. Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation

The Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation, also referred to as WWBIC, helps entrepreneurs and business owners as well as individuals looking to improve their financial literacy. The organization offers online workshops such as “Make Your Money Talk” and “Get Your Money Up 2.0.” The calendar of courses can be found here. For more info, call 414-263-5450.

Did we miss a program or organization that offers financial literacy courses? Comment below or send an email to with the subject line “Financial Literacy program.”