By Ana Martinez-Ortiz, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service   Published Apr 07, 2019 at 10:01 AM

Finding a job can be overwhelming, but not impossible. There’s plenty of jobs out there and a lot of employers hoping to fill those job vacancies. The first step on a job search is having an up-to-date resume and cover letter. The second step is knowing where to look.

1. Online

Going online is a great way to get stared. Nowadays, companies are more likely to post job openings and applications online. A business may post directly on its website or social media platforms. Otherwise, websites such as indeed.commilwaukeejobs.comand post job openings and event fairs.

2. Job fairs

Job fairs or career fairs occur all the time. At a fair, a bunch of employers set up a booth and use the time to explain their business and meet with potential employees. Participants are encouraged to bring their resumes with them and dress in appropriate business attire. At some fairs, participants can receive help on their resume, fill out the job application, learn interview techniques and even be hired on the spot. Upcoming jobs fairs include the Teen Job Fair on April 24, Military Veterans Fair on May 16 and the Milwaukee Career Fair on June 17-18.

3. The business itself

Some businesses will post about job openings in a window or a display. Another way to find out is by speaking with the manager. A manager usually knows what jobs are available and when the business is more likely to hire someone.

4. Friends and family

Friends and family are a great resource when it comes to finding a job. If they’re already employed, they can help facilitate connections and often hear about job opportunities at their place of business before the general public.

5. Employment with a record

Second Chance Jobs for Felons is a website specifically designed to help former felons find a job. It also hosts job fairs for people in the trades and workshops. The workshops help participants with their resume, interviewing techniques and how to budget.