By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jun 14, 2024 at 3:16 PM

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The Wisconsin State Fair cream puff is celebrating its 100th birthday this summer – but apparently we're getting all the presents. For the first time in its century of dishing out the dessert, the State Fair will sell brand new flavored versions of its beloved cream puff during the summer spectacular. And not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR all-new cream puff flavor creations. 

While the State Fair has debuted a number of tasty new takes on its signature sweet in recent years – including pumpkin spice, strawberry, cocoa and more – but this quadrilogy of cream puffs will mark the first time they've sold different flavor variations of the dessert during the Fair itself. 

With no further a-choux, the four new cream puff flavors cooked up by the State Fair include:

  • Root beer float – featuring a root beer flavored cream in between the traditional puff pastry shell
  • Raspberry cheesecake – featuring a raspberry cheesecake cream sprinkled with a cheesecake crust crumble in between the classic puff pastry
  • English toffee – featuring the iconic puff filled with a toffee-flavored cream inside
  • Chocolate birthday cake – featuring chocolate cream decorated with colorful sprinkles all sandwiched inside a puff pastry shell 

There is a catch with these new creamy concoctions: Each special flavor will only be available in person on limited days for a limited time, as only the first 1,924 Fairgoers (in honor of the year of the puffs' debut) when the pavilion opens at 10 a.m. each day will get access to the new flavor available on the menu. The root beer puff will be served Aug. 1-3, followed by the raspberry cheesecake version on Aug. 4-6, the English toffee take on Aug. 7-9 and the chocolate birthday cake cream puff on Aug. 10. 

State Fair cream puff scheduleX

As a bonus, in addition to getting your taste buds on the latest and greatest in cream puff innovation, three lucky specialty cream puff customers each day between Aug. 1-9 will Wonka-style win a Golden Ticket earning them a 100th anniversary prize package as well as a part in the Cream Puff Lovin' Celebration in Central Park on the final day of the fair. 

Of course, if you're craving the classics, the traditional and time-honored cream puff will also be available throughout the summer extravaganza in its usual single servings, three-packs and six-packs. And for an extra supply of puffs, the fair will also bring back its cream puff drive-thru from 7-9 p.m. on Aug. 5-9 as well as the ability to get the desserts delivered to your office, club or party throughout the days of the State Fair. 

For more information on the State Fair's cream puff plans – both now and then during the fair – visit their website. And for even freakier and fork-tastic State Fair offerings, check out the 2024 collection of Sporkie and Drinkie finalists staring your arteries down. 

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