By Max Mitchelson, OnMilwaukee Intern   Published Aug 04, 2020 at 5:01 PM

Bradford Beach’s waterfront restaurant, The Dock, recently opened its boathouse upper deck, serving seafood delights along with classic comfort foods and appetizers.

Since ownership changed back in 2019, The Dock has been handling beach concessions, the tiki hut rentals and the beach bar.

The Dock has also proposed the addition of a container bar on the upper deck of the building, adjacent to the restaurant.

The renovated boat-house rooftop has been in the plans since opening, but now it now offers a unique solution for those looking to more safely dine out during COVID-19 thanks to a large menu of food and drinks alongside a lakefront view, making it a perfect place to satisfy hungry beachgoers.

The menu deftly rides a line between the satisfying concession snack fare that has been traditionally served and dishes like tuna tartare for $12.95 or crispy pork belly for $21.95. However, some of the dishes, like those just mentioned, are only available for the rooftop customers.

Despite the upscale targeting, many meal prices remain at a mid-range price point. Options start at around $10 for items like the Caprese panino – and with a higher price comes high-quality ingredients, like the grass-fed beef burgers for $11.

The expansive menu is impressive, but so is The Dock's sizeable alcohol selection. Original handmade cocktails like the Bradford Breeze – a mix of 44 North Huckleberry Vodka with pineapple, cranberry and grenadine – sit alongside other frozen and on-tap cocktails, wines and canned beers.

The Dock followed virus safety precautions for guests and employees before the rooftop portion of the business even opened, and that continues with The Dock. COVID-related precautions include no cash payments, social distancing and the disinfection of surfaces, among other measures.

Some notable aspects of the remodel are currently missing; the lack of a bar, overhang and some of the seating options give the rooftop a sparser look for time being. However, the lack of furniture does not blemish the clear view below of the bustling beach or the glittering waves of Lake Michigan.

COVID-19 has delayed further renovations, but the additions are expected to be completed later this month, when The Dock will hopefully be able to host a grand opening party. But for now, The Dock offers a laid-back environment to take in the summer sun before it's gone.