By Jeff Sherman Staff Writer Published May 08, 2015 at 4:18 PM

It’s fashionable to say, "I don’t really watch TV."  Or, "I just don’t have the time for TV." For me, it’s a matter of time management. I find time for things that provide value and create entertainment value in my life. I think you should, too.

To this end, here’s my list of the shows I watch and why I watch them.  I’m at the point in my life where the only live TV I watch are NBA games (this includes the amazing "Inside the NBA" on TNT).  This habit changes, of course, as sports seasons change, but channel surfing just isn’t a thing anymore in my life.  I watch my shows how and when I want them.  I like it that way. 

I don’t watch all of the below shows with passionate regularity as I may miss an episode here or there.  But, in general, this is my list of what I'm watching now.  It doesn’t include the shows that I’ve dumped or that have ended like "Friday Night Lights," "Newsroom" or "Sports Night." So, maybe there's another blog soon that lists my favorite shows of all time.  Stay tuned. 

Anyways, on to the list.

"House of Cards"
I’ve said this to whomever will listen, I would have been totally fine with just two seasons of this Netflix "drama." Yet, "House of Cards" is my Doritos of TV.  It’s hard to stop watching and while I truly enjoy it, it can have an odd after taste.  But, the political interplay, character acting and just flat out fun in this series is too hard to say no to. 

"Meet the Smiths"
Yep, another NBA tie in here and another promotional outlet for a celebrity.  But, this is "reality" TV done right.  It's a fun, lighthearted look at Kenny Smith and his blended family with wife and model Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith.

"Real Time with Bill Maher"
I watch this HBO staple for the guests.  Nothing against the host (well, there are a few things that really bug me about him), but the guests make this show a great mix of the topics and humor of the day.  Maher keeps thing fresh and lively and runs a tight ship that’s worth your time no matter what side of the ballot you check. 

"NBA Inside Stuff"
I love the NBA, and this show reminds me of my childhood. Plus, my almost 8-year-old loves it too. It’s our Saturday lunch ritual.  It’s a bit corny and a big old promotional platform for the Association but Grant Hill and Kristen Ledlow have fun as co-hosts and keep it high energy. 

"60 Minutes"
I watch this via the "60 Minutes" app and pick and choose the stories I think I’ll like.  Each time I dive in, I learn something.  Kudos to "60 Minutes" for staying relevant all these years. 

This may be the finest comedy of all time. It’s cerebral, wonderfully produced, tightly acted and just plain great.  It can shock a bit and be crude for the sake of crude, but it’s real, honest and funny.  Not a family view, but if you don’t watch "Louie" you’re really missing out.  Kudos, Louis CK. 

"Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street"
Gortimer and his two best friends, Ranger and Mel, hang out in and around Normal Street – an ordinary neighborhood that has a hint of something magical.  We’re three episodes in, and every episode has been funny, well-acted and just – at the risk of sounding corny – delightful.  This a wonderful family show. 

"Bloodline," on the other hand, is far from delightful.  But, I'm all in on Kyle Chandler shows so my wife and I have dove into the Netflix series "Bloodline."  It’s a dramatic thriller about a family in the Florida keys.  It’s not necessarily dark, but two episodes in I want more and need to know where it’s all going.  Solid acting from Chandler, Sissy Spacek, Ben Mendelsohn and others. 

"Last Week with John Oliver"
The show that I laugh hardest while watching?  This is it.  John Oliver is great.  Sure, maybe his accent helps but the dude’s flat out funny and he’s killing it with his HBO show.  Each week is so on point and truly laugh out loud, and you'll learn something too with each view. 

"Mozart in the Jungle"
Another Amazon Original, "Mozart" is about a fictitious New York Symphony that's just replaced its old school conductor with a new, younger, charismatic and (to some in the symphony family) "crazy" conductor named Rodrigo.  It's a look behind the scenes and into the arts and entertainment world.  Great fun. 

"Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel"
The most consistent show out there is HBO’s  "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel."  Gumbel, Bernard Goldberg, Frank Deford, Armen Keteyian, Andrea Kremer and others go deep with profiles, attack topical issues and often (especially Deford) move us to tears with amazing stories.  So well done each and every month even after 20 seasons. 

Jeff Sherman Staff Writer

A life-long and passionate community leader and Milwaukeean, Jeff Sherman is a co-founder of OnMilwaukee.

He grew up in Wauwatosa and graduated from Marquette University, as a Warrior. He holds an MBA from Cardinal Stritch University, and is the founding president of Young Professionals of Milwaukee (YPM)/Fuel Milwaukee.

Early in his career, Sherman was one of youngest members of the Greater Milwaukee Committee, and currently is involved in numerous civic and community groups - including board positions at The Wisconsin Center District, Wisconsin Club and Marcus Center for the Performing Arts.  He's honored to have been named to The Business Journal's "30 under 30" and Milwaukee Magazine's "35 under 35" lists.  

He owns a condo in Downtown and lives in greater Milwaukee with his wife Stephanie, his son, Jake, and daughter Pierce. He's a political, music, sports and news junkie and thinks, for what it's worth, that all new movies should be released in theaters, on demand, online and on DVD simultaneously.

He also thinks you should read OnMilwaukee each and every day.