By Parker Thompson, OnMilwaukee Intern   Published Feb 16, 2019 at 11:01 AM

Wisconsin social media was in a flurry over the past two weeks from news that stretched from silly to the surreal. Here is a recap:

Salacious snowmen complaint

(PHOTO: Instagram/kdubs10s)

A recent post in the Bluemound Heights group of the NextDoor app complained about snowmen participating in lewd activity. It looks like the poster also has something against Cudahy. Shame!

Blue’s Egg customer turns red

A recent patron at Blue’s Egg on Oakland Avenue was captured on video shouting expletives at staff and customers whom he thought were Democrats. While it's uncertain sure what caused the outburst, it is a reminder that we should ALWAYS put politics aside when eating brunch. 

Kaepernick kicked off resolution 

Wisconsin GOP lawmakers struck down a resolution from the Legislator’s black caucus to include the Milwaukee-born former NFL player from being recognized during Black History Month, claiming he was "too controversial." Rep. David Crowley, chairman of the black caucus, said he shouldn’t need permission from white lawmakers to compile a list honoring black leaders. 

Milwaukee, on the other hand, announced that it will include Kaepernick in its Black History tribute in February.

That's a lot of fish!

(PHOTO: Twitter/@CubRadio)

Wisconsin spear fisherman Jon Eiden recently caught a 171-pound sturgeon on Lake Winnebago, gauged to be around 130 years old. The massive catch measured a half-inch taller than former Milwaukee Buck Thon Maker!