By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Mar 03, 2020 at 6:56 PM Photography: Lori Fredrich

For years, McDonald's was the king of drive-thru breakfast, with other fast food restaurants trailing far behind. However, the Golden Arches faced a new challenger to the fast food breakfast gold medal this week with the introduction of Wendy's new early morning menu, which debuted on Monday, March 2.

Cooked up from 6 until 10:30 a.m. every morning, the new menu faces off against the famed McMuffins with a lineup of eye-opening staples like breakfast sandwiches served up on biscuits, croissants or burger buns; seasoned breakfast potatoes; iced coffee drinks called "Frosty-cinnos"; and  more.

It's an impressive introductory lineup – but is it enough to knock McDonald's off its breakfast McPedestal?

OnMilwaukee dining editor Lori Fredrich and yours truly, OnMilwaukee's resident junk food expert, had to taste for ourselves to see if Wendy's new menu would have you think twice about your usual first meal of the day plans.

So we ordered some of the showcase items from the menu – including the maple bacon chicken croissant; the breakfast Baconator sandwich; the sausage, egg and cheese biscuit; a side of the potato wedges; and a chocolate Frosty-cinno, Wendy's solution to sweet morning coffee drinks – to see how they stacked up.

The results may just surprise you. (They certainly surprised Lori and me.)

For more information on the rest of the menu and prices, visit Wendy's website.

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