By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Aug 27, 2015 at 3:01 PM

#WeWant all kinds of things in life. Here are just a few that we can't resist this week.

Write in it: Alice in Wonderland Moleskine

Even in the modern age of digitalia, a girl still needs a nice notebook in which to write down spontaneous thoughts. And there's nothing finer than one created by Moleskine... unless of course it's an Alice in Wonderland themed Moleskine. I love the feel of their hard-covered notebooks, which make it easy to write, even when a hard surface isn't available. And who doesn't love a little pocket for stowing away stray notes, phone numbers and receipts? It's the perfect accessory for tumbling down just about any rabbit hole. - Lori Fredrich

Sharpen with it: X-Acto

It's been a long time since I was looking for the right trapper-keeper or the perfect book bag. But I have grandchildren who may occasionally be over to do homework. That might include math (which I don't understand today). Math should be done with a pencil and that means a pencil sharpener. The X-Acto have the best reputation for fine cutting instruments for artists and designers and the pencil sharpener they make is right in line with what you'd expect. The best thing about it is that it prevents that horrible over-sharpening that makes you start over again when the lead breaks. At under $20 it's better than some of them that are double and triple the price. - Dave Begel

Store in it: Sneaker pencil pouch

 My kids told me they wanted one of these and not only could I not say no – as an almost-lifelong Converse wearer I realized I wanted one, too. I'm not exactly sure what a grown women who does 99 percent of her writing on a laptop would do with a pencil case, but hey, it's the little things that make us happy, right? - Molly Snyder

Do it: Get on Amazon, Milwaukee area schools!  

My #WeWant may be a bit late for this school year, but consider it a challenge for next.  Dear area schools, please upload your school supplies list to Amazon!  I’m not going to a store to buy supplies. Never.  We order via Amazon, so friendly neighborhood school you can make my life even easier if you simply upload your lists.  Thank you. - Jeff Sherman

Zone out: Float Milwaukee

Your kids have been screaming at you all summer, and now you have a little peace and quiet as they head back to school. Take that moment and make it more peaceful and more quiet with a float session at the brand new Float Milwaukee. You can read my detailed preview of the Walker’s Point spa here, but now I’ve tried it twice. At worst, it’s soothing and relaxing and feels great on my achy back. At best, it’s an actual out-of-body experience that I enjoyed for about 10 minutes at the end of my first hour-long session. Sensory deprivation may not be for everyone — it depends on how well you can allow yourself to zone out, but for $50 for a trial float, it’s a chance worth taking. - Andy Tarnoff