By Richie Burke Contributor Published Nov 23, 2021 at 4:01 PM

If you are a fan of football, business and innovative ways to drink a couple beers, we have quite the show for you this week. 

I had the honor of being joined by Sean Cullen, former Sun Bowl champion and current Director of Business Development at JP Cullen, as well as Packers quarterback Craig Nall who backed up Brett Favre and was there during Aaron Rodgers’ first year with the team. For an episode of this magnitude, I even brought in two co-hosts: Joe Stanton and Captain Patrick Lubar.


The first part of the episode really revolves around Sean Cullen before Craig joins us. We talked with Sean about the key leadership attributes that led him to a 2019 Hoan Classic victory as well as his experience coming back home to work for his family business after turning down a potential stint in the NFL following an illustrious career at the University of Oregon and breaking out on his own in the construction industry out on the East Coast for several years. 

“I enjoy working with my family and the challenges of working with my family,” says Sean. “It's great that we’ve all been able to find our strengths, find where our leadership is. There's not a lot of headbutting going on.”

For the second half of the episode, Craig joins us and speaks on a variety of topics including his college experience going from LSU to a smaller school, getting drafted in the fifth round by the Packers, what it was like backing up Brett Favre and, most importantly, the difference between a beer for drinking and a beer for sipping.

Craig also touches on the relationship between Favre and his eventual successor Aaron Rodgers – including some bold decisions made in the early days of Rodgers' career.

“(Brett) was reading the paper and all the sudden the door opens and someone says, ‘Good morning, Grandpa!’” recalls Craig. “He turned around and it was Rodgers. So on his first day of training camp, he called him grandpa.”

If you’re a fan of football, business, beer and all around great storytelling, make sure to tune in this week – and for any feedback and topic suggestions, reach out to 

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And lastly, we also would like to congratulate co-host Patrick Lubar on his recent engagement and for becoming acting CEO of Full Send Night.