By Lucas Kovnesky OnMilwaukee Intern Published Oct 07, 2021 at 3:01 PM

The Milwaukee Brewers begin their playoff run on Friday, Oct. 8 against the Atlanta Braves at American Family Field right here in Milwaukee. After the city got a taste of championship life from the Bucks back in July, the Brew Crew are next up on the slate – and 2021 newcomer Kolten Wong is ready to unlock the team’s secret weapon, which he unveiled in an essay for The Players' Tribune on Thursday.

In Wong’s article, “Milwaukee, I’ve Got Our Secret Weapon for the Playoffs,” the second baseman recounts a remarkable 24-hour stretch that included the birth of his first son, Kash Kaha Wong; a Luis Urias leadoff home run (against none other than Wong’s former team, the St. Louis Cardinals); and an unforgettable Daniel Vogelbach walkoff grand slam. Safe to say it was a lot of emotions.

“Before today, only my wife and I knew this story, and Alissa will probably kill me for telling it,” writes Wong, recalling the September day in the delivery room. “Back over my shoulder, I hear the announcers mention that my guy, Luis Urías, is about to step into the box and lead things off for the Brewers. But then, right after Alissa finished one of her pushes and was taking a pause, the craziest thing happened. I turn my head and look at the iPad, and, I kid you not: That was the exact moment when Luis launched a leadoff homer into the bullpen out in left center.

“So now, Luis has just hit a bomb, and I’m holding onto one of my wife’s legs and screaming, “Oh gosh. Oh man! OH MY GOSH!!!!,” writes the Brewers’ second baseman.

Wong explained how he tried to keep his focus on his wife, thanking her for understanding his excitement, and immediately returned to being the prime partner assisting his wife in delivering a healthy baby boy. But when a Daniel Vogalbach walk off grand slam sent the Brewers to victory the very next day, Wong described a scene filled with so much excitement that he may or may not have woken his newborn son up.

“I guess you could say I’m still kinda getting the hang of this whole fatherhood thing. But, more important … talk about a pretty special 24-hour stretch, huh?” Wong writes. “And a big part of why it was so special – and why I’ll always remember it, as long as I live – has to do with the city of Milwaukee.”

Wong then goes on to explain the tight-knit bond that he has experienced since he arrived in Milwaukee. Looking back on when his neighbors baked his family pies when they moved in and thanking those who gave him gift baskets after the birth of his son, he acknowledges how these kind acts reflect upon the city of Milwaukee as a whole.

“You guys are the final piece of the puzzle that could make all the difference,” writes Wong, as he calls for 100 percent full-fledged Milwaukee fan support this October.

It’s a great story that Wong is hoping leads to an even bigger success as he and the rest of the team will look to bring the magic back for the playoffs. However, Wong acknowledges that if we need some wizardry, he knows exactly who the secret weapon is – and it’s not a clutch closer or a big bat off of the bench.

“I’m pretty sure my boy Kash has this uncanny magical power that somehow makes Brewers batters hit big home runs,” he jokes – or maybe not. 

Don't forget to read the full piece for The Players' Tribune here. Meanwhile, we’ll be counting on fans having the Brew Crew’s back, hoping for some huge home runs and wishing Kolten Wong and the Brewers nothing but success in the NLDS and beyond.