By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Nov 30, 2023 at 7:01 PM

It's almost the end of the year – and the end of several movies' time on the Big Red Streaming Monolith, as Netflix recently announced its departures for December. 

Unfortunately, the streaming service must be in a grinchy mood this holiday season as the list of movies and TV shows leaving next month is loaded with notable names. Fans of the "Sing" movies will have a blue Christmas when the star-studded sequel bails from the Big Red Streaming Monolith in the middle of December, with "Kung Fu Panda" following suit at the end of the month. And speaking of the holidays, those in love with the Christmas classic "Love Actually" will need watch its grand romantic gestures before it's actually gone. Sound horrifying? Well, if you want real horror, you'll want to watch "Jaws" and "Us" sooner than later before Netflix kills them off, along with the action favorites "Mission Impossible" films and the "Crank" movies. 

It's Oscar season – and while Netflix is loading up on new awards season hopefuls, past recipients like "American Beauty," "Gladiator," "Saving Private Ryan," "Lost in Translation" and more will make like "La La Land" winning Best Picture and awkwardly shuffle off the Netflix stage. And while everyone loves Taylor Swift right now, Netflix is going in the opposite direction, shaking off her "Reputation" concert film ... which awkwardly was a Netflix original and will soon be unable to watch anywhere else. For the hundredth time: Don't trust anything to stay on a streaming service forever – even their own once-beloved bell cow shows and movies.

And on that topic, here's the full list of TV shows and movies leaving Netflix before the new year.

Dec. 14

"The Hills" seasons 1-2

Dec. 21

"Sing 2"

Dec. 27

"Da Kath & Kim Code"

"Kath & Kimderella"

"Kath & Kim: Kountdown Specials"

"Kath & Kim" seasons 1-4

"Kath & Kim: The Souvenir Editions"

Dec. 28

"The Adventures of Puss in Boots" seasons 1-6

Dec. 30

"Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour"


Dec. 31

"8 Mile"

"American Beauty"


"Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues"


"Catch Me If You Can"


"Crank 2: High Voltage"

"Field of Dreams"

"Friends with Benefits"

"Get Him to the Greek"



"Jaws 2"

"Jaws 3D"

"Jaws: The Revenge"

"Kung Fu Panda"

"Lost in Translation"

"Love Actually"

"Mission Impossible"

"Mission Impossible 2"

"Mission Impossible III"

"Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol"

"Role Models"

"Runaway Bride"

"Saving Private Ryan"


"The Wolf of Wall Street"

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