By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jul 01, 2021 at 8:01 AM

Everyone has that movie on Netflix that they always recommend to their friends and family when they ask for a pick – something that's not too popular so they haven't already seen it, something that can play to lots of audiences and, of course, something they think is really good. 

And I am now sadly losing my movie. 

VERY RUDELY just in time for my birthday next month, Netflix will lose "The Invitation," Karyn Kusama's brilliantly tense social thriller. Quietly released in 2015, Kusama's film got good reviews and a critical following, including yours truly, but it never really got a large enough release to get proper attention ... until it landed on Netflix. There, it became my go-to recommendation, usually with the caveat of "know as little as possible before watching," because the movie really sings when you don't know which way its premise – an ominous dinner party between friends – will break. It's suspenseful, smart ... and now soon to be gone. So great; now I've got to find a new go-to recommendation. Thanks Netflix! (At least I've got 100 right here to pick from.)

Unfortunately, "The Invitation" isn't the only casualty in July on the streaming service. When it comes to other thrills, "Zombieland" and the Chucky movies will get the axe next month. Animated family-friendly favorites "The Croods" and "The Princess and the Frog" will hop elsewhere as well (in the case of the latter, almost certainly to Disney+).

For more light-hearted entertainment, watch "My Best Friend's Wedding" or forever hold your peace as it'll leave at the end of the month. And that's all along with several retro classics ("Mad Max," "A Clockwork Orange," "Hook") and the excellent recent Oscar winner "Spotlight" claiming their independence from the Big Red Streaming Monolith during the month of Independence Day.

It's a lot to lose – so with no further ado, here's the full list of movies and TV shows leaving Netflix in July. And did I mention please watch "The Invitation"?

July 5

"The Iron Lady"

July 7

"The Invitation"

July 14


July 15

"The Princess and the Frog"

July 19

"Lovesick: The Series" season 1

July 22

"Oh My Ghost"

"Oh My Ghost 2"

"Oh My Ghost 3"

"Oh My Ghost 4"

July 28

"The Croods"

July 30


July 31

"A Clockwork Orange"

"Bride of Chucky"

"Child's Play 2"

"Child's Play 3"

"Eat Pray Love"

"Four Christmases"

"Freak Show"

"Fred Claus"

"Friends with Benefits"

"G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra"

"Grand Designs" seasons 10 and 15

"Hardcore Henry"

"Hinterland" seasons 1-3



"Jupiter Ascending"

"King Arthur"

"Little Baby Bum: Nursury Rhyme Friends" season 1

"The Little Rascals"

"Mad Max"

"My Best Friend's Wedding"

"Nacho Libre"

"Nights in Rodanthe"

"The Patriot"

"Remember Me"

"Seed of Chucky"

"Step Up: Revolution"

"Your Highness"


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