By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Nov 02, 2022 at 9:06 AM

Give thanks, because the list of movies and TV shows departing Netflix in November is barely a list. We're losing "Clueless" (again), "Hancock" and ... "Knight Rider"? Devastating, I know. So yay, nothing to grumble about with the Big Red Streaming Monolith this month, right!?

Well, not entirely – because the most notable thing leaving the streaming service next month is strangely not included on Netflix's list.

Remember "Lilyhammer"? Probably not – the Steven Van Zandt-starring mob drama was no "Stranger Things." (Hard to believe success didn't immediately follow a Norway-set dark comedy whose only recognizable performer was most known as a member of the E Street Band.) But "Lilyhammer" was a groundbreaker in its quiet way as the first Netflix Original in the streamer's history, setting the stage in 2012 for the content behemoth that would follow. 

And now it's gone. 

Next month, "Lilyhammer" will become the latest Netflix Original to no longer be found on Netflix and to potentially disappear between the cracks of our written-in-pencil digital media world. Now, in fairness, it wasn't an actual Netflix production – the company bought the show rather than produced it, and now the lease is up – but it's still Netflix-branded content that's now just gone. The same happened to the early Netflix horror series "Hemlock Grove" – but while at least seasons of "Hemlock Grove" are still out there on other services, "Lilyhammer" is pretty much nowhere else according to the invaluable Just Watch save for one of its three seasons you can buy (not rent or stream) on Amazon. And as for a physical footprint, a search on Amazon shows the whole series is only available in a disc format that's unplayable on most U.S. DVD or Blu-ray players. 

Maybe there are plans in the works – but right now, this is a Netflix Original that no longer exists. And with "Homemade" and "Hemlock Grove" before, as well as HBO Max recently pulling shows and movies off the service, this is increasingly becoming regular rather than a rarity. So sure, you may have everything at your fingertips now ("everything," that is – try finding much made before 1970) but it's by no means yours and it's by no means permanent. If you love a show or movie, buy a physical version if it's available – because it's increasing clear that there's no guarantee it'll always be there, or anywhere, otherwise. 

ANYWAYS, after all that whole light-hearted chat, here's the list of everything leaving Netflix in November. 

Nov. 1

"From Dusk Til Dawn" seasons 1-3

"Mossad 101" seasons 1-2

Nov. 11

"If Anything Happens I Love You"

Nov. 13

"Scary Movie 5"

Nov. 14

"America's Next Top Model" seasons 21-22

"Survivor" seasons 16 and 37

Nov. 15

"The Green Inferno"


Nov. 18

"Donald Glover: Weirdo"

"Goosebumps" seasons 1-4

"Goosebumps Specials"

Nov. 30

"Bridget Jones's Baby"


"The Color Purple"


"He's Just Not That Into You"

"Ink Master" seasons 3-4

"Knight Rider" seasons 1-4

"Knight Rider 2000"

"Stargate SG-1" seasons 1-10

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