By Dan Garcia Photographer Published Aug 02, 2023 at 2:36 PM

Milwaukee came prepared to turn up the volume and jump into a pop-punk wonderland as Paramore made their anticipated return to Milwaukee last night. Fiserv Forum’s court level was transformed into a general admission mosh pit and a haven for Wisconsin’s biggest fans of the iconic band, who matched Hayley Williams’ energy the entire show. It was a night full of high-energy Paramore classics and electrifying performances so if you missed out, then you must be in the business of misery.  

Here are our 10 reasons why you shouldn’t have missed Paramore’s headlining Milwaukee concert at Fiserv Forum:  

1. A high-energy opening 


Paramore kicked off the concert with a bang, opening with the high-octane track "You First" from their latest LP, "This Is Why." The crowd was immediately brought to their feet, energized by Hayley Williams' powerhouse vocals and the band's infectious stage presence. It was a perfect record to set the tone for the rest of the set. However, knowing how wild the crowd gets, Williams stopped the performance when a fan in the crowd needed medical assistance early into the first song. The Tennessee native paused the show until the fan was safely escorted out of the crowd, then Paramore ran things back with even more energy. 

2. Pop-punk legends in action 


Paramore's legacy as pop-punk legends was on full display in Milwaukee. The band's ability to seamlessly blend punk sensibilities with catchy pop hooks has endeared them to fans across generations and across the globe for nearly two decades. Early into their performance Hayley Williams took time to thank the crowd. “We get to make music that we love and you come out and support it and sing all the songs,” Williams told her Milwaukee fans. “It’s such a gift that you’ve given us. Here’s to 20 more years maybe." The concert served as a celebration of their enduring influence, still influencing the genre with their new music today.  

3. Zac Farro 


Zac Farro, the multi-talented drummer of Paramore, wowed the audience with his exceptional skills behind the kit as he literally set the pace for the entire performance. His rhythmic prowess and boundless energy elevated the band's performance, ensuring the crowd was immersed in a sea of rhythm throughout the show. Hayley Williams even took time in the evening to give him his roses. “That guy right there: mine and Taylor’s best friend since middle school. It’s a long time to know somebody and he’s been a great drummer the whole time,” Williams told the crowd. “The first time that me and Taylor saw Zac play the drums, he was 11 years old and he was a f*cking beast,” she continued, giving praise to one of Paramore’s founding members.  

4. A big return to Milwaukee 


Last night’s concert marked Paramore's first return to Milwaukee since their performance at FM102/1’s Big Snow Show in 2017. The band's ardent fan base had eagerly awaited this moment, making the atmosphere even more electric and emotionally charged. 

5. Taylor York 


Paramore is certainly more than just the immensely talented Hayley Williams. As one of the main creative forces behind Paramore's distinctive sound, Taylor York proved his worth as a guitarist extraordinaire during the band’s Milwaukee concert. His intricate riffs and melodic leads resonated with fans from start to finish.  

6. Supporting a great cause 


A portion of the ticket sales from last night’s show, as well as all of their North American shows, were donated to Support + Feed and REVERB. Support + Feed's combats food insecurity and the climate crisis through an equitable, plant-based food system, while the environmental nonprofit REVERB allows concertgoers to participate in important environmental and social causes.  

7. Largest Milwaukee concert yet 


Fiserv Forum played host to Paramore's largest Milwaukee concert to date, for a packed crowd of over 11,000 screaming fans. This milestone event showcased the band's enduring popularity and their ability to draw massive crowds with their engaging performances.  

8. November in August 


Hayley Williams took advantage of her platform during the middle of Paramore’s set on Tuesday night to encourage her fans to exercise one of their most fundamental rights. “Tonight, if it's alright by you, I’d like to make a pinky promise,” Williams told the crowd. “I would like us to promise each other that we will hold people in power accountable … and there’s a way that we can ensure it, it’s the easiest thing and the toughest thing we can do, but it is our right and it is our duty and that is to vote,” Williams continued. An active voice in music, Paramore and Hayley Williams have never shied away from their political preferences and the importance of voting.  

9. An epic encore 


The concert's encore left the crowd craving more as Paramore reminded us that they aren’t going anywhere. The encore began with the 2013 hit "Still Into You," evoking a wave of nostalgia and unity among fans. They finished the night off with their latest addictive single, "This Is Why," cementing the band's relevance even today. The singles made for a perfect one-two-punch to cap off the memorable evening.  

10. Foals 


As an added bonus, to warm up the crowd before Paramore took the stage, British indie rock band Foals set the tone with their mesmerizing performance. Their unique sound and captivating stage presence served as a perfect complement to Paramore's show, setting the stage for an unforgettable night of music.