By Dan Garcia Photographer Published Nov 01, 2023 at 10:56 AM

As the sun set on Oct. 31, Milwaukee's skyline wasn't just lit up with the flickering glow of jack-o'-lanterns or even the city's first snowfall of the season. At the heart of it all, Fiserv Forum was the epicenter of an entirely different kind of enchantment: the magic of Shania Twain's "Queen Of Me" tour. 

For years, Shania Twain has reigned supreme in the realm of country-pop, with anthems that have transcended generations and paved the way for the Maren Morrises, Carrie Underwoods and even the Taylor Swifts of the world. It wasn't just about attending a concert. It was about being part of a legacy – a legacy that combined the allure of timeless tunes with the festive energy of Halloween in the packed arena, seeing a mix of fans dressed in their best country attire or their year's Halloween costume. The anticipation was palpable – the buzz, electric. And as the stage lights began to cast their spell, it became abundantly clear that this was going to be a night like no other. 

Here are nine reasons you shouldn't have missed Shania Twain's Halloween concert at Fiserv Forum on Tuesday night.

1. A spook-tacular setlist 

Shania TwainX

The night's setlist was more than just a collection of hits; it was a narrative. As each song flowed, mixing cuts from Shania's newest LP with her vast catalog of hits, it was scary being reminded of just how accomplished of a career Twain has built throughout the decades. From classics like "Any Man of Mine" and "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" to an entertaining "monster mash-up" of "Nah!", "She's Not Just a Pretty Face," "Waiter! Bring Me Water!", "When" and "Thank You Baby," the setlist was perfection. 

2. Fiserv Forum frenzy 

Shania TwainX

More than just a structural marvel, Fiserv Forum was Shania's palace for the night. The impeccable acoustics, mesmerizing lighting and inviting ambiance made the Bucks' arena a perfect venue to house Shania's tour on Tuesday night. 

3. Fan-tastic moments 

Shania TwainX

It wasn't a one-way show. The way Shania connected with fans, sharing those warm moments, made everyone feel like they were "Still The One" for her. Twain even started her performance in the middle of the crowd – and at one point, the Queen of Country invited a couple on stage who got engaged at the show just moments prior. 

4. A walk down memory lane 

Shania TwainX

As she transitioned from one hit to another, each song felt like a chapter of a memoir. Every note, every lyric, felt like a deeply personal confession. It wasn't a mere performance; it was an intimate experience. 

5. Shania's band of ghouls 

Shania TwainX

It wasn't just about Shania. Her band was absolutely stellar from start to finish. Not just complementing her, but elevating each song, making the experience all the more graceful. 

6. That voice! 

Shania TwainX

As Twain sang "From This Moment," you're reminded it's not just the song. It's her voice – rich, powerful and dripping with emotion that encapsulates her timeless appeal. 

7. The Queen's stage presence 

Shania TwainX

The "Queen Of Me" Tour isn't named lightly. Every gesture, every look, from Shania made it evident why she's musical royalty. The effortless rapport with the audience, the charisma – it's a package only a queen can deliver. 

8. An energetic encore 

Shania TwainX

The encore wasn't a mere extension of the show; it was a climax. When she passionately belted out "That Don't Impress Me Much" and "Man! I Feel Like a Woman," the energy was palpable. 

9. A night to remember 

Shania TwainX

As the melodies faded and lights dimmed, the atmosphere remained electric. The combination of Shania's hits, the Halloween vibe and the sheer joy of the evening had everyone wishing to "Come On Over" and relive the magic. 

In a nutshell, Shania's Halloween concert at Fiserv Forum was more than a musical night. It was an enchanting experience, and if you missed it, well ... mark your calendars for the next time the queen graces the stage.